Aspirational bollocks 1 — Image by the author — available as an NFT at the price of a hyperloop system for a Medium-sized island

This is a follow-up to the 2 minute read Why I do NOT want to be my ‘Best possible self.

Mostly readers laughed, but it annoyed some others. A few people called it unhelpful, a vent or a rant.

I’m going to work through some of the comments because there’s…

Aspirational bollocks 2 — image by author — available as an NFT for the price of a medium-sized island

Me too. Walk into any community that considers itself special and you will be assaulted by the fuckers.

Do you know those straps they have in Yoga studios? They are actually for strangling the next twat who spouts nonsense they don’t understand about karma or chakras.

In case your Lululemon…

It’s written in your cells: Picture by the author Edward Hines

The human body is built upon the shapes and processes that came before. The study of this can be highly detailed looking at comparative anatomy, physiology and genetics and it is fascinating.

For the purposes of brevity, I will reduce everything to a few broad concepts. These concepts have some…

Picture a blue whale, a creature perhaps over one hundred feet long and weighing one hundred and seventy tonnes, with a heart more than twice as heavy as me and possibly you. This is the largest animal that has ever lived on the history of the planet. …

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

Mind-body activities and wisdom traditions are fashionable these days. It’s easy to join the class, wear the t-shirt and spout the jargon. It’s possible to build an identity and a social life around it too — or to be repelled by the whole scene.

In this article, I explain a…

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Health is a treasure and movement is a vital pillar of health. This article is a useful checklist that you can employ whether you know you that don’t move enough or if much of your life revolves around fitness.

I promise this will not be the standard cardio, strength, HIIT…

HMPK Pink Gold M — Yonathan Noviantho by Daniella Vereeken CC Flickr

It’s Monday night and the beginning of a new tradition — whiskey Zoom with two old friends. The call ends. The effects of the whiskey don’t. Rather than do the wise thing — drink some water and go to bed I just check Facebook.

I read a post that I…

Edward Hines

This primate writes on environment, biology, movement, martial arts, mind, meditation, how they mix and what you can do with them

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