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Double your wisdom with this 2.1 billion year old hack

It may do more than double your income, it can make you rich

Edward Hines
2 min readMay 3, 2022


Renowned systems thinker Gregory Bateson once defined wisdom as multiple perspectives.

The easiest example to explain this with is on your face.

Humans have two eyes. With one eye you can see shape, you can see movement.

It takes two eyes to see depth*.

Each eye sees something different. One eye is not correct and the other wrong. The two combined add an extra dimension.

When we do the same with our thinking the result is wisdom.

Our minds are not limited to a single perspective, our lives do not run to a single narrative either.

Consider what happens when these ways of thinking are the only way to think.

Monetary value is the best indicator of worth ❋ That person is wrong ❋ Holy books are meant to be taken literally ❋ If Science can’t test it or explain it is superstition ❋ Death is the enemy ❋ The world is particles colliding meaninglessly

There are so many possible perspectives, so the question then is which eye to open, either wider or for the first time?

Hint: it’s probably the one you have done your best to squeeze shut. Opening it may shake things up.

The good news is that what seems like a contradiction from a limited perspective can reveal a world of richness and wonder.

*Or it takes one eye/sense organ moving through space to create depth. The earliest known fossils of mobile cells are about 2.1 billion years old



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