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The mighty African Buffalo, converts grass into shit. Isn’t a vegan because there are lots of insects in that grass (but then vegans aren’t actually vegan for the same reasons) image by author.

Your Kung-fu is BULLSHIT!

What happens when you cross a vegan with a hairy-chested martial artist?

Edward Hines
5 min readMay 20, 2022


The last article I wrote was not meant to be provocative but it seemed to provoke reactions from certain martial arts readers. This is a reply. Non-martial readers, enjoy. I’ve included some explanations of terminology at the bottom.

“Bullshit” sorry “BULLSHIT” “Sad” “delusional” and “disturbing” were some of the critiques.

It reminded me of vegans.

You know the kind who get all riled because you don’t eat like them. If you’re in the right mood there’s not much more fun than ribbing vegans.

But the vegans are getting a rest today. It’s time to tweak some chest hair.

Don’t worry lads — read this in the spirit of martial practice. Can you keep your cool?

Where to start? With the mirror.

Is martial effectiveness the top of your internal art practice priorities?


Really? REALLY?

Do you go out of your way to find people who can beat you, and then scrap with them?

Do you seek out high-level MMA folks to exchange with? Or decent wrestlers, boxers etc

Telling a classmate to “kick me like a Thai boxer” doesn’t count, unless they are actually a decent Thai boxer. Same applies to “take me down like a wrestler”.

How much time do you spend working with knives, or if you are in Murica, firearms and integrating those into your practice?

If you are not regularly doing these things as far as I’m concerned martial effectiveness is NOT your top priority. If you are, cool.

Some readers seemed to assume that because I accept students for whom martial skill is not top priority that it receives no consideration. First, learn to read. I never wrote that.



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